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Me in the shower 

  • Me: One more day all on my own
  • Me: This diva needs her stage baby let's have fun
  • Me: Think of me think of me fondly when we've said gooooooodbye
  • Me: So if you'll care to find me look to the Western Sky
  • Me: I like to be in America
  • Me: And all that jaaaaazz
  • Me: Heaven isn't too far away more than wooords
  • Me: If I win the lottery you'll never see me again
  • Me: Nobody don't nobody is gonna rain on my paraaaaade
  • Family: please stop







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but I won’t feel blue like I always do ‘cause somewhere in the crowd there’s you;

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and step into my candy store…

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try to forgive, teach me to live

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broadway theater marquees

So beautiful 

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Lisa O’Hare, Bryce Pinkham and Lauren Worsham of A Gentleman’s Guide To Love and Murder perform during the 68th Annual Tony Awards

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